Getting Test Results in TeamCity 1.1 added support for JetBrains’ TeamCity. This support is automatically enabled, and requires no end-user configuration.

You can either use a TeamCity plugin, or use an external build runner (like MSBuild) when building your project in TeamCity.

Using the plugin

Download and install the plugin as per Teamcity documentation.

Select the xUnit runner for the build step, then select the version of xUnit your tests are written in, and finally a pattern to match your test binaries. Wildcards are supported, such as **/*.Tests.dll.

Using an external runner

Select the appropriate runner to add calls to the MSBuild task, the Console runner, or the .NET Core runner. You cannot use TeamCity’s SLN builder, because your SLN file does not have any references to running

The runners in detect TeamCity is running through environment variables (specifically, it looks for TEAMCITY_PROJECT_NAME). If for some reason your build environment does not pass the TeamCity environment variables through to the runner, you can force TeamCity mode manually; on the console or DNX runner, add the -teamcity switch; on the MSBuild runner, add the property Reporter="teamcity" to your <xunit> task.

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