Release Notes for Analyzers: July 3, 2023 Analyzers 1.2.0 Pre-Release (build 48)

This is co-released with the core framework release 2.5.0-pre.44.

This is the first official release to support the v3 source base. There was some mostly coincidental support for v3, but now I've overhauled the tests so that by default, you are running your tests against both v2 and v3, and then in certain specific scenarios when needed you can run against just one or the other (for example, the xUnit3000 and xUnit3001 extensibility analyzers and fixers are only applicable to v2, since they are about v2-only types). The failure context now shows what you're running against (v2 or v3) when reporting a failure, so it's easier to understand if/when you have issues with your tests.

For those who contribute to the source of the analyzers, you'll notice that I did a lot of housekeeping on the source base. New and updated base classes for analyzers and fixers have been standardized across the board, the source has been cleaned up a bit, and most importantly, all fixer tests now require you to pass the fixer key so that only the exact known fixer is applied. This was kinda too loosely specified (optional integer indices), and I wanted to ensure maximum compatibility (and it should also slightly improve performance because the test system knows to only run the singular fixer).

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