Release Notes: December 8, 2023

Today, we're shipping three new releases:

It's been 3 week since the release of 1.6.0 RTM.

As always, we'd like to thank all the users who contributed to the success of through usage, feedback, and code contributions. 🎉

Important note: The minimum version for the analyzers is now Visual Studio 2022 17.2, as version 17.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft. This aligns with version Roslyn 4.2. Notably, the latest version of C# that's supported in Roslyn 4.2 is C# 10 (with some support for features that were experimental and ended up in C# 11), so some language features beyond C# 10 may cause false positives in analyzers, as well as not picking up any bug fixes in Roslyn since this release.

Release Notes

These release notes are a comprehensive list of changes from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0.

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