Release Notes: July 16, 2018

Hello, 2.4!

Today, we're shipping 2.4; this includes RTM builds of the core framework and the Visual Studio runner.

It's been 9 months since the release of 2.3 RTM and the 2.3.1 bug fix. The length of time is an indicator of the relative stability of the 2.3 release train; most of the features shipped in 2.4 are usability-related. This includes features like improved test method display name formatting, support for reporting results to VSTS, and additional command line options for the console runner.

Unfortunately, this release also removes the dotnet xunit runner, as the stability of the runner was never perfect, and it suffered from many assembly-loading related issues. Users from .NET Core can continue to use VSTest (either inside Visual Studio, or via dotnet test). version 1.x was really about perfecting the experience of writing unit tests for the desktop CLR. Version 2.x expanded support for many platforms, including .NET Core, Xamarin (iOS and Android), UWP, and others along the way. Now that we've reached the edges with the current platforms, it's time for us to focus on 3.0. The 3.0 issues list is where you can track our work towards the next major version.

As always, we'd like to thank all the users who contributed to the success of through usage, feedback, and code contributions. We had too many contributors this time around to thank individually, so know that every bug reported, every line of code PR'd, every conversation contributed to on Slack, were all appreciated!

Release Notes

These release notes just include the highlights of what's new. You can review the individual release notes which contributed to 2.4:

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