Release Notes: May 6, 2023 v2 2.5.0 Pre-Release (build 11)

The majority of this release is the overhaul of the assertion library, for message consistency and clarity. This also included a pass to remove unsafe double-enumeration and improve performance when asserting against enumerables. In most cases, the display for enumerable should be at least as good as previous releases; however, there is a case where we don't know whether an IEnumerable implementation is safe for either re-enumeration and/or complete enumeration (since an enumerable can in theory enumerate forever). In those cases, you may see enumerables represented with just a [ยทยทยท] rendering (especially in theory data parameter rendering).

For a list of some example changes, see this list of comparisons between assertion messages in 2.4.2 and 2.5.0.

This release also brings in xunit.analyzers version 1.2.0-pre.7.

Core framework

Assertion library

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